Central Jersey SCORE helps small businesses succeed every day.

Central Jersey SCORE provides FREE, CONFIDENTIAL, EXPERT counsel to help small business owners/entrepreneurs START, BUILD, GROW, SURVIVE and THRIVE in today's challenging business environment.

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Business owners can get support from SCORE in the following ways:

          1. Through face to face mentoring sessions with local counselors
          2. Through E-Mail with counselors
          3. Attending locally run seminars
          4. Utilizing online resources such as business tools and business planning templates

SCORE provides the opportunity to meet face-to-face with volunteer business experts who have experience owning and/or operating a business. Counselors can provide insight into how to's. Clients are invited to return for additional counseling sessions if required.

SCORE operates as a resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

SCORE, in association with Raritan Valley Community College, provides clients access to many business related courses


Who are SCORE's volunteer mentors?

SCORE’s volunteer experts come from all business areas and have substantial real business experience, knowledge and skills. Some have served as executives of Fortune 500 companies. Some have been entrepreneurs and small business owners. Others have valuable experience in universities, government or the military. What they all have in common is a willingness to share their expertise, experience and business savvy to help others succeed.

SCORE Chapter 14, with over 25 experienced professionals working as volunteers, focuses on clients from Somerset, Hunterdon and portions of Middlesex County.


How does SCORE help small businesses?

SCORE volunteers provide free mentoring to small business owners on a wide range of business topics including:

  • how to write a business plan

  • how to arrange funding and manage cash flow

  • how to help your company develop its unique value proposition and competitive positioning

  • how to develop effective marketing

  • how to implement E-Commerce

  • how to use social media as a marketing tool