In 2006, my father and I purchased a health food store. For four years, we sold health oriented products, vitamins and food. One food item that we sold was a gluten-free, soy free, dairy free, low sodium, and vegan veggie burger that was a customer favorite.

At the end of our four year lease, we decided to close the store and produce veggie burgers full-time. We opened up a small facility and started selling the veggie burger to health food stores.  One day, we met a person that works at a local Whole Foods Market who was very impressed by the product. That is when DeCanto’s Best was first introduced to as a product at Whole Foods.

De Canto's of Bedminster, New Jersey, specializes in sales of premium meatless and gluten-free veggie products. Our products are also soy and dairy free, making them the ideal choice for anyone with certain diet restrictions.

Along with great taste, our burger benefits include quality, value, and great nutrition.Our BestBurger comes in Original, Garlic, and Quinoa Flavors.  Below, Sandy Kepniss, Central Jersey SCORE mentor explains his interest in his clients at De Canto's Best.

My successes. 

I imagine a scenario where a consumer would ask for “De Canto’s Best” in any grocery in America because they want a healthy, good tasting product.  In our opinion, that would be success.  We want to use income from our beginning product line to expand our brand to become known for quality, variety, great taste and an alternative to less healthy foods.  At that point we would consider ourselves a success.

How SCORE helped. 

As the company is growing, SCORE is right by our side sharing information from their experience and knowledge. SCORE has the right experience to help all small business owners. They meet with us regularly; give advice on buying supplies, reducing costs, manufacturing efficiencies, price point identification, as well as other aspects of running the company.

What's great about my mentor? 

Sandy taught me all about “the numbers”.  Before him everything was done “on the fly”.  We really had no idea how to keep track of income/expense and Sandy taught us how to break down dollars into percentages, figure our distribution expenses, how much our products should retail for so we made a profit and the marketing and design of our product.  The best way to explain it is SCORE helped me get organized.

De Canto's Best