How SCORE helped. 

Over a year ago we meet with a woman who had been approached with the idea of entering into a partnership for the purpose of developing video curriculum for use in schools.    She explained that she had been introduced to two other persons who would be partners in this endeavor.   Upon further discussion it became apparent that she did not really know either of them we.


We made it a strong point that she must investigate thoroughly to be sure that these were people she could be comfortable working with.  We stressed the difficulties that can arise in a partnership where personalities and/or ideas do not go well together.    At that time we heard nothing more from her.


Over a year later I received an email from this client.   In it she gave profuse thanks for our advice as it had turned out that when she explored further she did not want to be involved with these people.   She thus saved time, money and effort that would have otherwise gone into a futile exercise.    She also asked for an appointment for her daughter who was going into a business and desired our counsel.