2011 SCORE Award Winner - Outstanding Veteran Owned Small Business

During the time when others her age were planning for the prom, Dolly Garnecki’s thoughts were focused on service to America. The 18 year old joined the ROTC and began training at Pyndall Air Force Base in Panama City, FL. Within a couple years Dolly would find herself on active duty, headed for combat. Just one week before the fateful bombings of 9 -11 occurred, Dolly was the victim of a serious hit-and-run car accident, leaving the young Air Force 2nd Lieutenant with a neck injury that threatened to derail her military career. Duty to her country superseded the constant neck pain. And although Military doctors deemed her capable of flying to complete her mission, they also warned that she had the neck of a 60 year old and the condition would only worsen. When a friend referred Dolly to Chiropractor, Dr. Bill Sparks, he was the first to assure her she would feel like a 20 year old again. Dr. Sparks’ belief in Dolly influenced the course of her life.

Today, this military veteran is a chiropractic physician and CEO of Spinal Health & Wellness, in Charlottesville, Virginia, where she provides patients with spinal adjustments, counseling on nutrition and workplace ergonomics, as well as overseeing exercise and rehabilitation therapies. Dr. Dolly, as she is known, is a busy wife and mother and was chosen by a panel of local businesswomen, as EntreMom of the Year. Dr. Dolly is also a blogger who has taught a ‘Happy Green Baby’ seminar with topics including babywearing basics, and postural considerations for breastfeeding mothers. As a contributing author her works include the award-winning, Heart of a Military Woman book for “Time for God” , and probably most unique are her contributions on ‘bowling with a bad back’ for the book, ‘Bowling for Dummies’.

As an international expert on Scoliosis, Dr. Garnecki was invited to speak during a 10-day tour to multiple cities in China. There, she educated and worked with doctors at China’s first non-surgical Scoliosis treatment clinic. Whether defending our nation, sharing medical techniques, or providing patients with a better quality of life, Dr. Dolly Garnecki is ready to serve.

Spinal Health and Wellness LLC